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Better watch it, Sissy" Is SO authoritative! - Willy Wonka Sarcasm ... via Oh so you say that i'm a moron for authoritative meme usage ... via if we stop authoritative governments from acquiring nuclear weapns ... via Authoritative - iFunny :) via Ben Cuzzupe on Twitter: "australian authoritative memes preaching ... via If you find memes authoritative You're a fucking moron ... via Sociological Memes: Auguste Comte | Leigh Ann's Blog via The Most Obnoxious Thing You Can Do Online: Memes of Yourself ... via Incorrect Authoritative sources do not include parties with an ... via COMM 663: Digital Religion: Reading Memes in an Internet Public ... via That's Psych!: Parenting with Style: The Good Coach via Meme Maker - My right arm is frozen into this very authoritative ... via Vince Rugari on Twitter: "The Woolworths stuff was funny but ... via Who are the Digital Rockstars of Content Marketing? via That's Psych!: Parenting with Style: The Good Coach via correct grammar nazi misspell authoritative merry christmas ... via Dwane Casey's Guide to Smallball - RealGM via Josh Butler on Twitter: "Australian Authoritative Memes always got ... via Joyride - It me via Ben Cuzzupe on Twitter: "authoritative australian memes does it ... via tech isn't cool? i'll have you removed from THON in 5 minutes ... via confident, responsible, and a high self-esteem authoritative ... via That's Psych!: June 2015 via That's Psych!: Your right prefrontal cortex is working SO well today! via white-blazer-badge-not-sure-if-more-ridiculous-or-authoritative-thumb.jpg via

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