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I don't always copy and paste to Facebook but when I do, I make ... via If your don't copy and paste shit from channel 13 to forbid ... via Pimp my facebook - quickmeme via Seeing all these "share my Facebook status" lately it hit me ... via Oh, you post motivational quotes as your Facebook status? Your ... via Look At All These Dumb Mouth-Breathers Believing Incredibly Wrong ... via Y U No Meme Generator - DIY LOL via so you write quotes on facebook? tell me more about the art of ... via SAY YOU'RE CLEARING OUT YOUR FB FRIENDS LIST, AND I HAVE TO ... via I can copy paste funny things to facebook? All my friends should ... via Copy & Paste Facebook Privacy Notice one mo time! - Madea | Meme ... via Got Meme? on Pinterest | Rage Faces, Meme and Meme Faces via Do You Realize How Dumb You Look By Posting That Facebook Privacy ... via Facebook responds to privacy meme hoax | TG Daily via copy and paste quotes from famous people look how deep i am ... via Meme Meme Generator - DIY LOL via Copy Paste Memes. Best Collection of Funny Copy Paste Pictures via Copy and Paste Facebook Status to be sarcastic and ironic? Instant ... via You copy and paste profound sayings as your facebook status? Tell ... via Everytime you copy and paste a FB Chain Message God Kills a Kitten ... via Do You Realize How Dumb You Look By Posting That Facebook Privacy ... via Dumb facebookers and their copy paste status updates | The most ... via Yo dawg I heard you like copy and paste So I put some Elmer's in a ... via OH, YOU POST MOTIVATIONAL AND FUNNY QUOTES AS YOUR FACEBOOK STATUS ... via I copy and paste birthday wishes on facebook whether I like the ... via

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