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Oh, you are a military dependent that hates their healthcare ... via When Grammar and Everyone's Favorite Memes Combine via Air force! on Pinterest | Military, Grunt Style and Soldier Quotes via Military Spouse by psychotik - Meme Center via Private Sweet Buns... Drop that 3rd dependent Before I gouge out ... via Says people on welfare are lazy and government dependent forgets ... via Military spouses - Giorgio A Tsoukalos Hair | Meme Generator via When Grammar and Everyone's Favorite Memes Combine via The dependent variable DEPENDS on the independent variable DUH ... via animals become dependent on human handouts? tell me more about how ... via only-ketchup.jpg via ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY SAY THAT ACCELERATION IS NOT DEPENDENT ON TWO ... via Trust me My girlfriend said so - Dependent Boyfriend - quickmeme via One Does Not Simply Meme - Imgflip via meme | Trip Through My Mind via Meme Maker - Control Variable Independent variable Dependent ... via Military Memes. Best Collection of Funny Military Pictures via Meme on Pinterest | Retail Robin, The Matrix and House Md via Emotionnally Dependent Memes. Best Collection of Funny ... via likes dependent clauses because they make sentences so complex ... via BRO 47% of the people in this gym are dependent on me to spot them ... via memes about army brats | Military Brat | Appreciated Military ... via so your pre-workout contains over 400MG of CAFFEINE tell me more ... via Sheltering Suburban Mom memes | quickmeme via Terrified and so alone. - Meme on Imgur via

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