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Question... would ducks become disoriented and smash into the ... via What Year Is It? | Know Your Meme via I don't always take power naps but when I do, I wake up 4 hours ... via I was in a hurry, didn't pay attention to signs, was disoriented ... via DIYLOL - some say i'm disoriented i'm not. i prefer oriental hookers via A freshman's first day of college... - The Meta Picture via What Year Is It? | Know Your Meme via door-meme.jpg via if you spin an asian around do they become disoriented ... via If you ever get disoriented underwater and don't know which way to ... via i-sphere-very-firm-that-citizens-who-enjoy-the-company-of-thy-mothers-feel-an-inborn-sense-to-penalize-me-with-a-large-sum-of-money-that-poop-is-disoriented ... via we stand, degenerate and disoriented, in the shadow of your ... via junsainana | Writing Thoughts & Feeling Hidden in a Dark Room | Page 2 via Meme Creator - Browse by Template (Newest) via Confused Gandalf Memes - Imgflip via JeebuzC's Images - Imgflip via Disoriented Dave via What Makes People So Disoriented When They Wake? - ... via Friend calls just after you fall asleep wake up disoriented and ... via IF YOU SPIN AROUND AN ORIENTAL PERSON WILL IT MAKE HIM DISORIENTED ... via Disoriented Dave via Disoriented Dave via Dr. OzZzZzz: Power nap tips » via John Travolta is utterly bewildered in a GIF-centric Reddit meme ... via funny-owl-bar-happy-cool1.jpg via

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