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I don't always elaborate - The Most Interesting Man In The World ... via Yeah, if you could elaborate a bit more details THAT WOULD BE ... via You're having relationship issues Please elaborate ... I'm ... via Please, - Creepy Condescending Wonka meme on Memegen via Please Elaborate by nagelfar - Meme Center via WHAT IF I TOLD YOU THE SAT IS JUST AN ELABORATE SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY ... via It's an elaborate ruse! - Joseph Ducreux - quickmeme via As an atheist at an elaborate Catholic wedding.. - Imgflip via Congrats, on your elaborate memes, you douche - memeyeah | Meme ... via Makes elaborate plan to rob bank Plan includes killing own ... via Overtraining? Please elaborate - overly manly man - quickmeme via Oh, you don't like redguard's? Please, elaborate. - Racist ... via VIBE-Vixen-Olivia-Meme-2.jpg via how the fuck do you people have time to build elaborate cubicle ... via What if you remembered to pick the kids up Without me having to ... via I rob the supermarket with my elaborate couponing - Successful ... via It's An Elaborate Ruse! by ju1ceb0x - Meme Center via memes on Pinterest | Raven Symone, Meme and Kim Kardashian via Congrats on your elaborate memes, but you're still a douche ... via Does Drake have a ghostwriter? What is a ghostwriter, even? What ... via Meme-alicious Law Teaching | S|M| i |L|E via long-elaborate-caption-to-make-you-think-itll-be-funny-and-have-something-to-do-with-meme-daniel-is-gay.jpg via Oh the mawlid is a destruction to our ummah? please elaborate on ... via Meme Maker - So you went to Meadowhall to do the Mds Xmas shopping ... via SECRETLY IT WAS ALL AN ELABORATE RUSE! - Misc - quickmeme via

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