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If flaky people are always flaky Aren't they, in a way, reliable ... via I'm so tired of flaky people. - Meme on Imgur via Am i the only one around here Who can make plans and keep them ... via Didn't Order Tickets because friend is Flaky Friend Cancels 2 ... via Flaky people Flaky people everywhere - buzz lightyear meme | Meme ... via Asi que eres amiga de Flaky... - Willy Wonka Meme Generator ... via Flaky flaker memes | quickmeme via Is a flaky douchebag Makes a facebook meme to apologize - Annoying ... via Introducing Flaky Friend Devin - Imgur via Flakes | The Farda, the Son, and the Holy Spirit via QUOTES on Pinterest | Gentlemens Guide, Gentleman Quotes and ... via Your flaky tendencies rival all of Pillsbury's hottest sellers ... via image.png?w=400&c=1 via An Open Letter To The Non-Flaky Friend | The Odyssey via When asking a girl out and she responds with "that sounds doable ... via It would be rude not to eat her pie. Which I assume is not only ... via You're my very favourite, most reliable flaky friend. | Friendship ... via Flaky Musician memes | quickmeme via Poketreemon dex info: Flaky by chibitracy on DeviantArt via I just love flakey people. Almost as much as being kicked in the ... via Funny Stuff on Pinterest | So Funny, Hilarious and Lmfao via Stephenie Meyer | via Flaky is as Flaky Does - forrest gump | Meme Generator via A positive attitude may make your old friends hate you" Is ... via when attempting to fix flaky test and it has been passing for the ... via

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