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I don't have a pointy head.... It's oblong. - Bert | Meme Generator via Are Demi's Moobs Fake - Battlegrounds - Flop of the Pops - Pop ... via I feel really bad for them :( on Pinterest | Atheism, Religion and ... via This unfortunate situation bears likeness to a yellow oblong fruit ... via Confucius says memes | quickmeme via aiyaitsmela | I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity. via Scumbag Gillard memes | quickmeme via Zebra Falls! via OBLONG Jatuh Cinta... - Meme Generator Separated at birth via Random is the new sensation | We Heart It via DeviantArt: More Like Korra Kissing Meme - The Oblongs did it too ... via Teachings of Presidents of the Church | My Best LDS via Browsing Anthro on DeviantArt via C.A.P on Pinterest | Military Memes, American Flag Etiquette and ... via Free Agency | My Best LDS via Teachings of the Presidents of the Church | My Best LDS via Simple Paleo Diet on Pinterest | Sweet Treats, Prosciutto and Comment via BF-"you remind me of Beth Oblong." Me-"The girl with the dick ... via Animation Domination on Pinterest | Rick And Morty, Futurama and ... via Browsing Memes on DeviantArt via Featured | via Si Oblong on Twitter: "ooh gitu RT @BekasiUrbanCity: Ini cerita ... via Browsing Memes on DeviantArt via Browse Art - DeviantArt via Forever Alone Line Meme Personalized Custom Standard ... via

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