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Memes react to Bob Costas' stanky eye at Sochi Olympics via Anton Pink eye via Touched my butt then my face No Pink Eye - Success Kid - quickmeme via Finally gets 69 Pink eye - BACK LUCK BRIAN | Meme Generator via Hey girl. You really know how to make pink eye look sexy. - ryan ... via Do you have pink eye? No, I'm just really High - 10 Guy - quickmeme via Now that's How You Get Pink EYe - Disgusted Ginger | Meme Generator via Listen here Pink eye is a serious pooping - willywonka | Meme ... via Does rim shots wrong gets pink eye - Sexy Band Geek - quickmeme via What If I'm Patient Zero And the Zombie apocalypse starts with ... via Pink eye Pink eye everywhere - Buzz and Woody (Toy Story) Meme ... via Pink Eye by recyclebin - Meme Center via pink-eye-its-contagious-thumb.jpg via can you actually get pink eye from farting on a pillow via Pink Eye via Pink Eye by mike12345 - Meme Center via Yeah if you could just take your nasty pink eye home...that'd be ... via You get pink eye And you get pink eye, Everyone gets pink eye ... via gets farted on pink eye - Bad Luck Brian - quickmeme via pooping in my eye could cause pink eye - Actual Sexual Advice Girl ... via Do you want pink eye because that's how you get pink eye - Archer ... via FARTS ON PILLOW DOESN'T GET PINK EYE - Success Kid | Meme Generator via Called in sick to work because of pink eye Just couldn't see ... via Pity the fool Who tries to give me pink eye! - Mr T Fool | Meme ... via when your girlfriend has pink eye but she says "no baby, its just ... via

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