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im not always quick witted via Quick wit and good sense of humor? Take all the social anxiety you ... via Making quick witted and clever memes on a daily basis? Tell me ... via Thinks he's clever Chris spends 45 min looking up witty comeback ... via One Does Not Simply think of a witty meme on the spot - Boromir ... via Oh, you found a witty meme? You must know the whole internet ... via Humorous memes - Page 10 - Talk About Marriage via Witty Memes. Best Collection of Funny Witty Pictures via Memes On Aamir Khan Are So Funny You'll Burst Into Tears via Quickmeme – Make and share your very own meme « The @allmyfaves ... via Arrested Birthday memes | quickmeme via SPELLED BY: BETSY SCHOW | Bookworm Coalition via I'm So Pretty~ Oh So Pretty~ So Pretty And Witty And G-... Oh Wait ... via The number of people who can think of witty memes before i can is ... via Witty Memes. Best Collection of Funny Witty Pictures via Witty Meme Name Goes Here memes | quickmeme via Fuck it Making witty memes is hard - Bill Murray - quickmeme via they make fun of gmit with their witty memes I dumped their bodies ... via trying to think of a witty meme All ideas are lost in his eyes ... via A witty meme proves nothing. - Good Guy Voltaire - quickmeme via Witty Wilfred memes | quickmeme via discovers memes "oh man, unlimited witty facebook statuses ... via Oh, you use this meme? tell me more about how witty you think you ... via Replies with witty Meme To Keep joke going - Misc - quickmeme via Kevin Malone memes | quickmeme via

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