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Romney is..... Meme via Romney+worried+meme_067d94_3290511.jpg via Romney Loser Meme « That's The Hookup via Farce the Music: Why Mitt Romney Lost (meme) via Breaking News: Mitt Romney can be passionate, sincere, eloquent ... via Mitt Romney Lost: Sadness Over 2012 Election Results Collected In ... via I lost to a black guy... And in 2016 I'll lose to a woman - Mitt ... via Image - 363492] | Relatable Romney | Know Your Meme via Mitt Romney | Know Your Meme via Meet pacquiao backstage before the fight Pacquiao lost - Mitt ... via romney lost deal with it fucker - Pissed off Obama | Meme Generator via God damnit I lost my ****ing keys When anyone got a car I can ... via Rave if you know that romney supporters are idiots - Page 2 via SIR,YOU LOST THE ELECTION. NO DIP!!! - Mitt Romney Meme | Meme ... via Angry Mitt Romney memes | quickmeme via Mitt Romney | Know Your Meme via Did Paul Ryan actually cost Romney votes in Wisconsin? | via Romney Quotes On Trees. QuotesGram via Oh, Your going to move to canada because Romney lost? tell me more ... via Do you believe that those who voted for Obama hate America? - Page 19 via Looks around. no riots. Damn. Romney lost. - conspiracy keanu ... via Losing-Job-Relatable-Romney.png via ROMNEY LOST ?? THANK FUCK FOR THAT ! - Ecstatic Michael Phelps ... via facebookpragprogpage.jpg via dumb-ass-clint-chair-romney-lost-election-politics-1348626204 - via

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