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Twitter responds to #Sona2015 in pictures and memes | DRUM via Netizens create hilarious memes over Russia-Turkey crisis, AsiaOne ... via Spare Rib. on Twitter: "Heard we were tweeting memes. As the beef ... via thank you unfolded button - Ron Burgundy | Meme Generator via 5 Memes You Should Know - CraveOnline via 10 Guy memes | quickmeme via Dr Evil Laser Memes - Imgflip via I don't know who you are but one more unfolded box and I will find ... via Major Drama unfolded this night I sense - Yoda | Meme Generator via My sister made a mess while cooking. This unfolded when dad got ... via Maliciousness in memes | Overland literary journal via THE AMOUNT OF UNFOLDED LAUNDRY IN THIS HOUSE IS TOO DAMN HIGH ... via Futurama Fry memes | quickmeme via Nanowrimo on Pinterest | 2015 Calendar, Writing and Finish Line via Spare Rib. on Twitter: "Heard we were tweeting memes. As the beef ... via Joseph Ducreux memes | quickmeme via That's why I never ask my husband to do chores... - The Meta Picture via How Manchester City's 2-1 Loss to Barcelona Unfolded on Twitter ... via 2014Elections – A tale of many memes | TOOVIA via Mapping the Life Cycle of the Michael Brown Meme via Jared Smith via Unfolded laundry is still on the bed sleeping extra toasty tonight ... via Sisters, Mothers, Aunts on Pinterest | Sister Quotes, Love My ... via General election memes poke fun at Labour and Liberal Democrat ... via Republican 2016 debate: How it unfolded on Twitter - BBC News via

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