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10 Hilarious Supplement Memes - Train Elite via My friend is quite the pearl of wisdom - Imgflip via VITAMIN D via Well, at least I got the vitamin part right. - Imgflip via Funny Memes Pictures and Images via Why the fuck Would you spend soo much at The Vitamin Shoppe ... via What if vitamin c was really vitamin k? - conspiracy keanu - quickmeme via Asian Fathers And Vitamin by dafaqdidijustfap - Meme Center via Vitamin Memes. Best Collection of Funny Vitamin Pictures via Vitamin Memes. Best Collection of Funny Vitamin Pictures via Carrots provides your body with what vitamin...? A! - Fonzie knows ... via We stopped buying vitamin D milk Now I have to actually go outside ... via Vitamin Water by thelilred - Meme Center via Prepare to recieve The Vitamin D - Dancing Black Kids | Make a Meme via DIYLOL - oh, you drink vitamin water please continue to enlighten ... via What if I told you The blue pill is just a flintstone vitamin ... via Meme Creator - She wants the D Vitamin D Meme Generator at ... via vitamin-top-memes.jpg via philosoraptor-meme-01.jpg via rape sloth memes | quickmeme via I Am Rich In Vitamin C Memes. Best Collection of Funny I Am Rich ... via Winter is coming Better start taking my Vitamin D - Winter is ... via vodka and orange juice Vitamin C - Foul Bachelor Frog - quickmeme via VH-baby-meme-3.jpg via bee-do bee-do bee-do time for your vitamin!!! via

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