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Oh, you say you're well informed on politics, Please tell me about ... via You read the buzz ? You must be so well informed - willywonka ... via You watch fox news? You must be so well-informed - willy wonka ... via Oh, breaking news! Tell me more about how well-informed you are ... via OH YOUR READ BUZZFEED NEWS? You must be really well-informed and ... via Whenever the people are well informed They can be trusted with ... via Creates event Doesn't keep people well informed - Scumbag Steve ... via Getting tired of Reddit's generalization of Americans - Imgflip via What the Be Like Bill meme actually says about you via You say voters are well informed... - Advice Hitler Meme Generator ... via Daily show on Pinterest | Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and ... via Scumbag Paul Ryan memes | quickmeme via The Meme & Political ADD via - Good Guy Chris Christie via Dr Evil Laser Latest Memes - Imgflip via Does Internet "Slacktivism" Hurt or Help Real Activism? via penis enlargement | Small Penis Talk via i-like-to-keep-well-informed-about-politics-just-watch-the-daily-show-for-information-thumb.jpg via Pregnancy Memes - 10 Funniest Memes | BellyBelly via Pregnancy Memes - 10 Funniest Memes | Page 2 of 2 | BellyBelly via i'm well-informed about current events i watch fox news - Obese ... via Sad Bear Guy memes | quickmeme via POLITICS~Fundamental Stupidity, Bullshit, Life's Little ... via Joseph Decreaux memes | quickmeme via COMM 663: Digital Religion via

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