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tumblr_nh95gpGYAc1qivigxo1_500.jpg via YOU IS KIND. YOU IS SMART. AND YOU IS IMPORTANT. - Mr T | Meme ... via well aren't you a smart fuck - willywonka | Meme Generator via so smart ah come I clap for you - Kim Jong Un clapping | Meme ... via you're smart, you're loyal via You So - Yeah meme on Memegen via Hey girl You're smart - ryan gosling hey girl | Meme Generator via Memes Make A Mockery Out Of Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose Divorce ... via That You Just Think That You're Smart on Memegen via why are you so smart? via WOW YOU'RE SO SMART... I'M GONNA PINCH UR ASS! - Grandma finds the ... via Meme Maker - you is kind, you is smart, you is important Meme Maker! via yo-dawg-you-right-you-so-smart-im-dumb-thumb.jpg via you are not a smart man - forrest gump jenny - quickmeme via Oh Hitler, You Is So Smart by jazzchameleon - Meme Center via If you could stop being so smart That would be great - That would ... via Get Smart, If You Know What I Mean by emperorgeek99 - Meme Center via what if you're not as smart as you think you are? - Conspiracy ... via CONGRATULATIONS, YOU'RE SO SMART! - Sheldon Big Bang Theory | Meme ... via When you're smart enough you don't need big words anymore ... via DAYUM YOU SO SMART - Asian Man | Meme Generator via You're So Smart! Keep talking nerdy to me. - willy wonka | Meme ... via yes yes, you're very smart... - Meme Generator Captionator via You is SMART - Mr T | Meme Generator via very smart you are - Yoda | Meme Generator via

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